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Welcome, I’m Nicole Gibson. As a passionate advocate for Emotional Health and one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women, I’m leading Love Out Loud to ignite a global shift in consciousness.

From my experiences with over a million individuals, facilitating communities all over the world, to my role as the youngest Commonwealth Mental Health Commissioner, I’ve been on the frontlines, championing the power of love to fuel transformative change.

This hub is our collective staging ground for impact. It’s not just a community, it's the heartbeat of a movement where Emotional Balance is the most powerful and effective path to empowered decision making in all areas of life.

Here, we're translating groundbreaking ideas into action and resilience into reality. My vision—our vision—is set on empowering 350 million people to build a civilisation of love by 2030. Step into this journey with me, and let's create lasting change together.

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Cultivate Emotional Mastery

Transform how you lead and connect by harnessing the power of emotional health and intelligence.

Dive into our curated collection of training programs, where the latest scientific research meets practical application. Our resources are crafted to foster emotionally healthy leaders, who can in turn equip everyone—from their colleagues to patients to students to family —with the keys to emotional health and well-being.

Ignite Change with Your Vision

Propel your social impact venture forward with bespoke courses crafted for visionary entrepreneurs.

Our specialised programs, including a 6-month startup accelerator, are tailored to the unique needs of social impact entrepreneurs. Beyond this deep dive, our suite offers focused courses designed to refine your approach, enhance your impact, and resonate with audiences, team members and investors alike.

Join a Community of Changemakers

Be part of a vibrant community dedicated to making a lasting difference in the world.

The hub is more than a platform; it's a vibrant community of innovators, educators, and health practitioners united in the pursuit of a shared vision. It's a space to connect, to collaborate, and to collectively elevate our impact. As part of the Love Out Loud ecosystem, you'll find support, inspiration, and a network dedicated to nurturing emotional health on a global scale.

Begin your path to emotional mastery
and impactful leadership

Connect, learn, and evolve – all with the support of a like-minded community. Step into a space that champions emotional health and intelligence, empowering you and your endeavours. Your change-making journey awaits, and it begins here, with us.

Featured Programs

80% of Our Decision Making is Emotional

Why do we choose one path over another? What drives us to take risks or play it safe? The answer often lies not in the cold calculus of logic, but in the dynamic flow of emotions. Regulating these emotions doesn’t mean suppressing them; it means understanding their power and channeling them to work for us, not against us.

Our emotions guide us, sometimes subtly, sometimes overwhelmingly. They can be the unseen force behind a risky business move, the silent partner in our daily interactions, or the loud voice in moments of crisis. This is why emotional regulation isn’t just self-improvement; it’s self-empowerment.

By embracing emotional regulation, we reclaim the reins of our decisions. Studies show that when we understand our emotions, we can anticipate their influence on our behavior, allowing us to make more deliberate, informed choices. This is the crux of emotional intelligence – and the heart of what we foster at Love Out Loud.

Join us and transform your emotional insights into a powerful tool for decision-making. Navigate life’s complexities with confidence and cultivate a world where every choice is rooted in emotional clarity and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Love Out Loud Hub?

The Love Out Loud Hub is a vibrant online community and learning platform for leaders, health practitioners, and visionaries dedicated to actualizing change through emotional health and intelligence. It offers a range of resources, including foundational training in emotional health, ongoing coaching sessions, and collaborative opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals.

Our hub is designed for anyone passionate about fostering emotional well-being within themselves and others, especially social impact entrepreneurs, leaders in various fields, and health practitioners looking to expand their understanding and application of emotional health principles.

There are no prerequisites for joining the foundational programs. They are tailored to be accessible and beneficial regardless of your prior knowledge or experience with emotional health and intelligence. Specialized programs may have specific recommendations for the best learning experience.

Yes, we value collaboration and contributions from experts in the field. By joining the community, you’ll find opportunities to share your knowledge, lead discussions, and possibly collaborate on specialized programs.

Joining the Hub is free, which includes access to our community and some basic resources. Specific programs, like our foundational training and group coaching sessions, may have associated costs to cover the expert-led facilitation and comprehensive materials provided.